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Minor Mishap Marching Band

Minor Mishap Marching Band

Austin's original renegade circus brass band! Bourbon street meets Budapest.

December and New Year Shows!

We have several very special shows coming up in the next few weeks!

Thursday, December 11th
Pedicab Parade and Lumbersexual Fashion Show

Sunday, December 21st
Winter Solstice Parade of Light!
Child Friendly!

Thursday, January 1st
New Year’s Day Parade!
Child Friendly!

Details and full schedule below!

Our full December Schedule:

Thursday, December 11th
Pedicab Parade and Lumbersexual Fashion Show

Chestnut Theater, 1619 E Cesar Chavez
Gather 7:30 pm, parade 8 pm, Show at Chestnut Theater 9 pm
$5-10 suggested donation

This show is a benefit for our friend Nicholas, who had all his tools stolen.  He uses these tools every day to make a living to support his family.  This Lumbersexual Fashion Show is a benefit to literally buy this man a chainsaw!


Saturday, December 13th
Homeslice Pizza’s Carnival of Pizza!

Homeslice, 1415 S Congress
Child friendly Event!
We play at 3 pm, and at 4:45 – 15 minute sets

Sunday, December 21st
Winter Solstice Parade of Light!

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Minor Mishap Marching Band invites you to join us under the dark Solstice sky in a PARADE OF LIGHT! Let’s gather on the shortest day of the year to celebrate light, darkness, music, community, nature and each other.

PLEASE MAKE LANTERNS! You are the main source of beauty and creativity for this event. We’re hoping a whole bunch of folks will make lanterns (be creative, there are a million ways to approach this) and carry their own light with them in the parade. Won’t that be beautiful? Due to the drought, there is a burn ban in effect, so let’s make beautiful diffusers for flashlights! It’s safer, easy, and kid friendly. (Yes, you can come without a lantern, if you ran out of time to make one).

Sunday, December 21st (The Winter Solstice)!
Time: gather at 5:30 pm, parade at 6:00 pm
Gathering spot: Park on S. Lakeshore Blvd. and we will begin at the Eastern-most part of the new Boardwalk, as indicated by letter A on this map.  There are several points of access to the Ladybird Lake Hike and Bike Trail along Lakeshore here. We will gather at point A on this map.  Parade proceeds to point B, where the Boardwalk passes under I-35!

Activities: booty shaking, parade of light
Cost: free

Minor Mishap Marching Band's Winter Solstice Parade 2012

photo by Stephen Pruitt of Fluxion Scenic and Light http://www.fluxiondesigns.com/

Want to make your own lantern? or make some lanterns with your kiddos? We hope so. Here are a few links to give you ideas and get you started!




Wednesday, December 31st
Hide and Seek with Minor Mishap Marching Band!
New Year’s Eve
Auditorium Shores

We’re playing hide and seek at the City of Austin’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Since it’s a game… I can’t tell ya where we will be or when we will be there… the game is for you to try to FIND US!  Bwahaahhahahhahahaha.  This is a very child friendly event!  Early in the evening! Many, many other delightful acts make up the carnival of this event!

Hide and Seek with Minor Mishap Marching Band—Under a rock or under a tree? Where will they be? Be prepared to play with the coolest marching band in town. Follow their dance party around the park or  just sit and listen to them boogie down. Anything you choose.  It’s all so much fun, you can’t lose!

photo by Stephen Pruitt. http://fluxionphotography.com

photo by Stephen Pruitt. http://fluxionphotography.com


Thursday, January 1st
New Year’s Day Parade!

2 pm, Doug Sahm Hill (The hill with a spiral trail on it, next to Palmer Events Center and the Long Center).  If you miss us, look for us in the helix of the Hike and Bike Trail, near Lamar Blvd.


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Pedicab Parade and Lumbersexual Fashion Show!

Minor Mishap Marching Band Pedicab Parade, ending at an after-party that includes beers, and an indoor set by Minor Mishap Marching Band, and A LUMBERSEXUAL FASHION SHOW!  Get your plaid and grow your beards, friends. This is going to be quite a party.

This show is a benefit to help a friend who had all his tools stolen. He uses these tools every day to make a living. This event is a fundraiser to quite literally buy this man a chainsaw!  Even if you can’t attend, you can give a donation here!  Thanks!


Minor Mishap Marching Band will play in the pedicab parade, then a longer set indoors, at the Chestnut, where there will be beer and frivolity and many dancing bears.

Thursday, December 11th

Chestnut Theater

1619 E Cesar Chavez St

7:30 gather (location TBA, in East Austin)

8:00 Pedicab Parade

8:30 Arrive at the Chestnut Theater!  Drink beer!

9:15 Lumbersexual Fashon Show

10:00 Minor Mishap Show at the Chestnut Theater!

Dear Lumbersexuals of Austin: I see (and admire) you guys all over Austin.  Yes, the term lumbersexual is ridiculous.  That is exactly why we must have a lumbersexual fashion show! It’s time for you guys to come as you are, and strut your stuff. According to Cosmopolitan, “lumbersexual men build their own dressers, know the secret location of wild blackberries, and have a beard that looks “long, bushy, and unkempt…”  This Lumbersexual Fashion Show is open to anyone who wants to saunter with rugged indifference, dressed in whatever overalls they happen to be wearing, and drinking a beer.

Help a man buy a chainsaw.  Drink beer.  Listen to Minor Mishap Marching Band.


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Black and Yellow Ball!




The melodious misfits of the Minor Mishap Marching Band humbly request the honor of your presence at their BLACK AND YELLOW BALL to be held on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER THE 23rd, 2014, at 7:00 in the evening, at SLACKERVILLE on S. 1st Street.  Tickets here!

Requested attire for all attending ladies and gentlemen of all classes and character is BLACK AND YELLOW FORMAL WEAR.

The MINOR MISHAP MARCHING BAND, your favorite purveyors of brass band street music, will THRILL and DELIGHT you at their biggest social event of the season. TITO’s VODKA and HIGH BREW COFFEE will dispense refreshments.

The event is a fundraiser to send your humble hosts to the city of NEW ORLEANS next year to perform in the sacred and solemn observances of the Mardi Gras holiday.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît. Your friends, lawful spouses, dependents, retainers, and other associates are most welcome. Venue details follow.

Slackerville, 2209 South First Street, in the parking lot near End of an Ear Records and next to amelia’s retro vogue

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