Minor Mishap Marching Band

Austin's original renegade circus brass band! Bourbon street meets Budapest.

Upcoming Shows

July 2014

Saturday, July 5th, doors 9 pm, show 10 pm

Holy Mountain

teaming up with the Cold Lampin’ Crew!
Doors 9 pm, Minor Mishap 10-11pm, Cold Lampin’ Crew 11-1
Holy Mountain, 617 E 7th
$10, more info here!

Sunday, July 6, 7-9 pm

Kids’ Show at Liz Carpenter Fountain!

We’re having a renegade show at the Fountain by Parmer Events Center, near Doug Sahm Hill.  You know, the cool one with LEDs that light it up at night?  The one with a bajillion kiddos running around in it and playing?  Yep, we’re having the show there.  We will be joined by French brass band Fanfare Les Skroks!  Here is a map of the location.

Monday, July 7, 7-10 pm

Double Brass Band Pedicab Parade!

Courtesy of Ed Lehmann http://www.edlehmannphotography.com/

Best. Parade. EVER!

Fanfare Les Skroks will be joining Minor Mishap Marching Band for a parade in pedicabs!  Ride your bike!  There will also be plenty pedicabs available to carry anyone who doesn’t have, or cannot ride, a bike!  We will gather at the White Horse, 500 Comal St, at 7 pm.  We depart at 7:30 and ramble through the streets of East Austin.

Sunday, July 13th, 7 pm

A Midsummer Night’s Water Parade


We’re having another canoe show, and this time, it’s a flotilla!  We’ll be in boats, you will be in boats! Everyone in boats, everyone moving down the lake together- a water parade!

You can bring your own boat/kayak/paddleboard, or you can rent one. Rowing Dock is renting boats for this event in a benefit for the Texas River School, a children’s river safety education organization. You can reserve your boat here.  A group paddle will depart from the Rowing Dock at 8. Flotilla will converge in the middle of the lake at 8:30.

YOU MUST BE IN A BOAT: NOT SWIMMING! It simply is not safe to be swimming among a bunch of moving boats.  We’re out in the middle of Lady Bird Lake this time. It’s not going to work to swim or be in a tube.

Here’s the plan:  Minor Mishap’s flotilla will depart upriver.  You will depart from Rowing Dock, or a place of your choosing.  A group paddle will be lead from Rowing Dock.  If you are on your own – head west, toward Red Bud Isle until you find us.  When we converge in the middle of the lake, WE WILL ALL TIE TOGETHER AND MAKE ONE GIANT FLOTILLA.  It is simply not possible to stay close enough together without tying together, and it is not safe to have everyone paddling around crashing into each other while we are trying to play.  Thus, you need to BRING ROPE for your boat.  No paddling while we are tied together, ok?  (You will hit your neighbor, and you can’t steer a giant flotilla anyway).  We will have the show as we float wherever the river and wind choose to carry us.  After the performance, we will untie and paddle back!

Yo, please don’t drink and boat. We want everyone to be safe! This event will happen after dark, and so you should also have a proper light on your boat. And puffy life vests! and remember to bring some rope to tie into the Flotilla.


photo by Stephen Pruitt http://fluxionphotography.com





Thursday, July 12th

Martyr’s, CHICAGO!


with Environmental Encroachment!
Event info here!

Friday, July 18 and Saturday, July 19th

Crash Detroit – Brass Band Festival!

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 1.05.19 PM

Crash Detroit invites the community to come together by providing free access to music and the arts while encouraging joyous human connection.

The festival will connect bands from across the country and build upon the rich culture of music in Detroit. The festival is a celebration of place that aims to give life to underused spaces in Detroit and promote local business.

with Mucca Pazza, Detroit Party Marching Band, Environmental Encroachment, Black Bear Combo, May Day Marching Band, Black Sheep Ensemble, Blueline Brass Band, Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society.

July 22, 2014

Hotel Vegas, 8-10 pm

with Jefferson Street Parade!

J Street Club Poster-01

Doors at 7.
Minor Mishap at 8.
Jefferson Street at 9.
Cover is $10 suggested, sliding to $5.

June 2014

Saturday, June 7th

This photo was taken by Ed Lehmann!
This photo was taken by Ed Lehmann!

Join us for the best and queerest parade of the year.  This is joy!  Details at the Queerbomb website.

Sunday, June 15th, 3-6 pm
Kids’ Show! with Guy Forsyth
The Sanctuary


A Benefit for The Amala Foundation

Sunday, June 15th, 2014, 3pm-6pm
The Sanctuary
1006 S. 8th St., Austin, TX 78704
$10.00 for Adults and $4.00 for Kids (under 18)

SUNDAY, June 15th, join Guy Forsyth and Minor Mishap Marching Band in effort to raise funds for The Amala Foundation non-profit at their beautiful venue, The Sanctuary Event Space. SUNDAY FUNDAY is a kid-friendly, live-music event, raising funds for Amala’s Youth Outreach Programming in local Austin and around the world. To learn more about the Amala Foundation, check out:www.amalafoundation.org.



FREE Parking in the neighborhood across Lamar on Treadwell. St

photo by Jori Ketten

photo by Jori Ketten

Saturday, June 28th, 7pm

Hill Country Galleria Independence Fest

with Residual Kid, Quiet Company, Dale Watson and more!
more information here!

May 2014

Friday, May 16th
Minor Mishap has a rowdy, sexy, raucous dance party, playing on balconies OVER YOUR HEAD at the Sanctuary!

Photo by Stephen Pruitt of Fluxion Photography and Fluxion Designs http://fulxionphotography.com
Photo by Stephen Pruitt of Fluxion Photography and Fluxion Designs http://fulxionphotography.com

8 pm event start, Minor Mishap plays 9:30-10:30
The Sanctuary, 1006 S 8th St. Austin, TX 78704

proceeds benefit the Chestnut Theater  – a project to build a new listening-room venue and music resource center to serve Austin! Even if you can’t attend the show, you can give a donation here! $10

Saturday, May 17th -

Red 7, opening for Balkan Beat Box!

Wow!  We are opening for one of my favorite musical projects!  Get your tix here, $17

5/17/2014! Minor Mishap and Balkan Beat Box!
5/17/2014! Minor Mishap and Balkan Beat Box!

Sunday, May 18th –
Ice Cream Pedicab Parade and Pie Relay!

Courtesy of Ed Lehmann http://www.edlehmannphotography.com/

Pedicab parade, just like we did last time. Except with icecream. Also, pie. Audience members wishing to eat pie at the pie social will bring a pie and carry it, while riding their bikes, without letting it touch the bike, for the duration of the event. People can come in teams and make it a pie relay. This is awesome, trust me.

Then, at the end, we will all eat pie and ice cream and enjoy the lightening bugs and Texas nighttime by some huge oak trees!

 Start: Gourmands – gather at 7 to get fortified with beers and snacks and such

Parade Rolls at 8!

Bar Stop at St. Roch!

Pie Social at Parque Zaragoza!


RIDE YOUR BIKE! We will move too fast for walking to be a good option. If you don’t have a bike, there might be a few pedicabs available.

Parade is free! Pie is POTLUCK because we like community and sharing and silliness. Icecream is probably provided by a vendor and will require some dollars. Also, we love tips. Also, pedicabbers love tips.


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